honeymoons a honeymust

If there is any advice to share two weeks into marriage – which there probably isn’t but humor me- it’s to honeymoon.

Whether you’ve realized it or not, the last few weeks before the wedding have taken a toll. On your wallet, on your relationship, on your sanity, on your reasons for not eloping.

And after it’s all over, you are so happy. And so sleepy.

Your body needs to rest from the people, from the planning, from the stress and from burritos plus dancing at the reception. Or maybe those last two were just me. Either way, you’re tired.

It wasn’t until the plane took off and the silence set in that I was able to pause long enough to look at my new husband and realize we were embarking not just on a vacation but a new life together. And that I needed a margarita.

Nothing a swim-up bar couldn’t fix.

We used the week together to re-meet each other, not just as lovers, but as roommates, as adventure partners, as one. As the person we would wake up to and go to bed with and face across the table for the rest of our lives. And the realization that we had to choose daily whether we were going to meet eyes or look away.

The time alone, without much else to do besides each other (oops 8th grade jokes), was priceless. It allowed for thinking, resting, talking, laughing and just breathing. It set the bar high. And not just because of the breakfast buffet and towels shaped like swans. But those helped.

Because if you can’t live and serve and love with that person at a five star hotel than you’re never going to be able to in a two bedroom house.

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