kitchenaid or kitchenangel?

Once you’ve decided you want to become a wife, there’s a few things you’ll need to get started.

1. a man
2. a KitchenAid

That’s about it.

Both will cost you. But one has a much longer warranty. I’ll let you guess which.

Seriously though, if you cook, bake, are a wife or one day hope to be, the KitchenAid stand mixer is an appliance that will prove its worth time and time again. And seeing as how they’ve been the top of their market since 1919 I am clearly not the only one who thinks so.

Despite their $300 price tag, KitchenAids are not just for the KitchenElite. Here’s how we got ours.

After returning a few duplicate items from our registry, we had racked up quite a bit of store credit from Macy’s.

I looked longingly at the mixers in the store, but rational Steven reminded me that even though I am his princess I am still not exactly making a princess’ wages and therefore should not buy a $300 appliance, even if it comes in pistachio and with 3 attachments, including a whisk.

In desperation I asked the clerk if there were any comparable alternatives. After telling her my budget she gestured me towards the wooden spoon section.

At this rate, I’d never be a real wife.

Little did I know, my new husband was already scheming his birthday gift for me. And yes, it came in pistachio.

After receiving the surprise package last week, I have since made a meal plan for just about everyday up until 2020. So as far as Steven is concerned, it’s paid for itself.

Here are a few recipes that with a traditional mixer are messy and time consuming. With a KitchenAid, they’re quick and easy, and way more fashionable. Career women, read on.

chocolate chip cherry cookies. I prefer these with dark chocolate chunks, but either way they’ll get eaten. All of them. Maybe before your husband gets home. Tear.

biscuits. I reccomend them with real butter, colorado honey and a piece of cheddar cheese. You can also make them with wheat flour, but they come out slightly denser and more self-righteous.

almond blue cheese. The reason to eat crackers.

spiced pumpkin bread. I found this recipe at, which similar to the bible for the internet foodie, just slightly more hip. Dried cranberries are a nice edition, as well as white chocolate chips. Fall tastes good.

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One Response to kitchenaid or kitchenangel?

  1. Bethy says:

    Maggie you are so funny! I LOVE reading this!

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