Greetings from Lake Shafer

As I write this, water is slowly seeping through cracks in the foundation of our little duplex and inch by inch, accumulating into a small pond in our kitchen and a marsh/wetlands in the living room.

I have sought high ground (the kitchen table) where all I can do is wait for our land lord to arrive. Even though I’m not exactly sure what he’s planning on doing about it besides confirming that I am indeed not just running the sink and shower unawares, it still feels better that help or at least sympathy is on the way.

In the meantime, all I can really do is pray that it stops raining and research wet suits. Just in case.

The purpose of posting at this dark hour, however, is not for basement dwellers awareness nor to raise money for flood victims. It’s because in all the mess of my home and destruction of my daily schedule, I’ve realized something that makes me a little uncomfortable.

I really like to be comfortable.

That may not sound unreasonable, but for quite a few reasons, this revelation has been quite a hard one to swallow.

Before we were married, Steven and I talked of traveling Latin America owning only what we could carry. Being tied to nothing. Being generous with everything and waking up each morning with great expectation for is to come. Excitement for the unknown.

Somehow, in the last eight months, excitement for the unknown has turned into duty to the known and something as small as a pond in the kitchen can ruin the routine and worst of all, the mood.

Which made me realize. If a bit of traffic or rain or flooding or a cold can make me forget all that I do have, than the problem isn’t my boss or Steven or the terrible drivers or even the weather. The problem is where my foundation is. And if it’s in comfort or routine or regular paychecks or even health, than of course it’s going to crack.

Luckily it’s rained more in Fort Collins in the last three days than in the entire seven years I’ve lived here combined, leaving me with a lesson learned and new body of water to name. And a greater respect for Noah.

Not bad for a Thursday morning.

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